DC Bike Ride 2017


This past Sunday (Mother’s Day) was the 2nd annual DC Bike Ride. I must say that the Start area and course was such an improvement this year compared to the first year. Last year the Starting Line and Finish Line were both on Pennsylvania Ave right in front of the Capitol. This year the Starting Line was in West Potomac Park, and the corrals lined up in that big field out there. Last year, you were riding elbow to elbow for the first 5 miles of the course, then it started thinning out. This year, everyone was comfortably riding about an arm and a half lengths width away from each other for the first mile and then it thinned out.

Anyways, there is just something about being able to ride around the streets of DC with no cars and being able to ride where bikes normally aren’t allowed. It’s pretty liberating. This ride isn’t a race even though some people would speed through. But that is the beauty about this event. You can go as fast or as slow (as long as you keep a 6 mph pace) as you want.

I’m pretty sure I’ll do this ride every year, hopefully I can get other people to sign up too. I know it was kind of tough this year because it was on Mother’s day, but I still managed to get home by 11am, and treat my mom to lunch.

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